Rechargeable and Wire TPMS (TM527)

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Rechargeable and Wire TPMS (TM527)

  • Reliable and easy to install.

  • Automatic backlight.

  • Automatically wakes when vehicle starts moving.

  • Configurable high/low pressure warnings.

  • Configurable high temperature warnings.

  • Visible and audible alerts.

  • Selectable pressure units: PSI or BAR.

  • Selectable temperature units: (℃, ℉).

  • Monitors up to 5 tires maximum.

  • Displays pressure or temperature of 4 tires simultaneously.


Operating voltage Frequency Operating temperature
12 to 24V 433.92MHz -40 to +85° C
Size Weight
76×50×22 mm(L×W×H) 58 g